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nSYS released!

It's finally done. After what feels like a lifetime of coding on the commute home, nSYS version 1.00 is released today and can be found here.

- Gary Belcher (Sunday 7th October 2007) -

nSYS update and more

nSYS is coming along well, and I should be in a position to release a beta in September/october 2007. See nSYS for more information and new screenshots.

Some more registration codes have been added to the respective application pages, and more to follow once confirmation has been received from the authors. To those who have already given their 'blessing', thanks! I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate it.

- Gary Belcher (Friday 24th August 2007) -

Unreleased software

Although not officially released back in the days when Neuon was still trading, there are a number of applications I personally had in the pipeline which never made it to release status. Over the coming months I plan to add them to the Neuon site as and when they are ready and fit-for-purpose. To give you a flavour of what I have in store, see below:

A series-3 style system view for the EPOC32 platform

Doodler 4.00
An upgrade to the popular Doodler 3.00, merging the note taking functionality of Doodler and the drawing tools of Sketch.

An EPOC port of the Nintendo Game&Watch game Bomb sweeper

A simple program/document switcher to visually represent the programs and documents currently open through screen thumbnails, similar in concept to the Apple OSX dock.

Whether or not these come to fruition is another matter, but I intend to release them at some point I promise, time and family committments permitting.

Watch this space.

- Gary Belcher (Wednesday 18th July 2007) -

The Neuon pages are back

Welcome to the Neuon web pages. It has been a while since we effectively shut down Neuon due to the general downturn in the Psion/EPOC scene; however interest in our programs has begun to resurface it seems. I have recently received a number of emails from fellow Psion enthusiasts wanting to know where they can download our software from now that the official website at http://www.neuon.com/ is broken (Due to PHP script issues I believe).

As a result I have attempted to replicate the Neuon server on my own domain in order to provide everyone who wants it access to our previous content and more importantly, access to the download files themselves. Where possible I have tried to recreate the website as close to the original as possible, however it will only include the relevant pages (i.e. won't include the 'Join us' pages and the like as there really isn't any point is there) and it certainly won't be as 'smart' as the original as I just don't have time to recreate the SQL backend.

Please note that this site and content is provided as-is. Neuon is no longer trading as an EPOC software house, and as result we are not accepting/processing registrations or providing support for our software. Seeing as we don't make money off the EPOC scene anymore I will endeavour to contact the authors of the respective programs we used to trade in the hopes of getting their permission to provide a free registration code for general use and once received I will place this on the respective application's webpage.

Lastly I just want to say that I am immensly proud of what we as a collective of Psion enthusiasts and programmers achieved back in the day; I'm positive we enriched the EPOC scene through our work and possibly redefined it in some ways. It is an absolute pleasure to provide you with this replica website and copies of our programs and I hope you find good use for these.


- Gary Belcher (Monday 16th July 2007) -